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Saving Your Documents
Saving Your Documents
No, you're not nuts to share!

Keep the Drive Organized 

If they can't figure out what's in the file, it probably won't be opened. Put yourself in the other person's shoes when you organize your files.

Non-Focused Instruction

Within each course's directory, create a directory with your name, then store your files.  Within your folder,

Keeping the Drive Organized
you can organize as you see fit.  You might create a directory for each chapter, and within each chapter is a directory for flipcharts and one for assessments.  


Focused Instruction

For the courses related to Focused Instruction, there are subdirectories named by unit and a "potpourri" directory for anything that doesn't exactly fit with Focused Instruction.  The Share Point will be the source for original Focused Instruction

Keeping it Organized
documents.  The Math Share Drive will be used for the stuff you and others created.  Within each unit directory, create a folder with your name on it.  Within your folder, you can organize as you see fit.  


Naming Standards

If you want chapter 10 to follow chapter 9 alphabetically, consider using two digits for single-digit chapters.  (i.e. use "09" rather than "9".)