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Why Share Your Stuff?
Why Share Your Stuff?
You are cuter when you share.


Because you have so much to give.

The next time you are sitting at your desk well after everyone else has gone home, or alone at your kitchen table when everyone else in the house has entered into REM sleep while you pour over your work making certain there are no errors on the test, or you have all of the examples you need for your flipchart, stop and imagine all the other MPS Math Teachers who, like you, are clicking away at their keyboards producing materials that cover the same lesson objectives. Thanks to the work of Seth Leavitt, (Field) and Ben Peck, (IT Services) who each invested their time and talents last year, a Share Drive with 43GB of memory is available for us math teachers.  

There are two parts to sharing, the giving and the receiving. Everyone who uses this drive should take on both roles.  Don't be bashful. Its okay if your work lacks the spit and polish that you would like people to believe is your trademark. If you have files that you have saved to use in future years, just upload them.  Leave the editing to the receivers.

Considerations for the Drive

The drive needed to be:

  • accessible to math teachers and no one else.
  • accessible from any location with internet access
  • let files live on even after people retire from MPS
  • relatively easy to use without requiring a professional develpment course 
  • stored within the district rather than with an outside source
  • uploadable to MyMPS (eventually).

This drive is intended to be a temporary repository until the new Learning Management System, (aka MyMPS) is rolled out.