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MPS Information Technology Services
MPS Information Technology Services
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  Technology Plan
  MPS System
  Computer & internet Discount
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Technology Standards
Access Forms:
• Network
• Share drives
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  About IT Services   Provided Services
  Who we are and what we do:

  We are leaders, trainers, technicians,   web developers/programmers and data   analysts who strive to provide the best   possible service, training and support to   all Minneapolis Public Schools students,   staff and community.

  MPS will weave technology into the   fabric of our work to optimize learning;   increase productivity and innovation; and   engage our community to maximize   student achievement.

  IT Services maintains over 35,000   devices in our schools and departments   including; desktop computers, laptops,   interactive whiteboards, classroom   projectors, classroom audio systems,   tablets, document cameras, and security   hardware. In addition to ensuring proper   functioning of district devices, IT   Services evaluates & consults on new   device requests, assists in the   procurement process, and manages   installation projects.

MPS Systems Access Overview
  Below is an overview of how to gain access to various MPS Systems. For information on more MPS Systems, visit the Clerical / Admin site or the Instructional site on the staff intranet.
Discovery • CFS • Gradebook
  • School clerk/ secretary sends list of new teachers through eTicket. School must also complete scheduling in Discovery for information to feed correctly into CFS & Gradebook.
• Non-teaching staff should request access at: Click here
  • School Scheduler assigns courses to staff members
• Staff members automatically has access to MyMPS after receiving their computer login and will see courses the day after the school scheduler has assigned courses to them.
  • Complete the following form to request access: Click here
SAP Access:
  • Staff should first complete the online of in-person training.
• After training is complete, submit your access request at the link provided:Click here
• If you have QUESTIONS eMail SAPFinanceAccess@mpls.k12.mn.us
eTickets (for IT systems issues)
  • For technical support visit: Click here
• Call 612.668.0088
• Email: Click to send an email
Computer(s) & Internet Discounts for Families of need
   Heading content:
 Students and families of need that are interested in receiving older computers  should contact their building principal or media specialist.
   Minnesota Statute:
 Minnesota Statute § 125B.52, subd.6 allows a school district to transfer ownership to several identified groups,  including "the family of a student residing in the district whose total family income meets the federal definition of  poverty.
   Minneapolis Policy:
 Minneapolis Policy 3265 - Disposal of Books/ Equipment/ and Supplies applies as well, which allows us to donate  obsolete computers to students/families of need that are free/reduced lunch status.

Internet Resources for Families
  Internet service providers:   Free Wireless hotspots: Places for free computer access:

- Comcast

- Qwest/Century Link

- Earthlink

- USI Wireless

- US Family

  - City of Minneapolis

- Civic Garden

- Community Technology Centers
  - Hennepin County Libraries

- Coffee shops: Starbucks, Dunn    Brothers, Caribou and others
  How to get email addresses:   Policies related to Computer and Internet Use:   Directions to sign up for Parent Portal:
  - Gmail

- Yahoo
  - Policy 6415 Internet and Educational Network Use.

- Policy 6415 B Internet, E-mail and Network Rules for Student Use.
  - Parent Portal
MPS Technology Standards

  1. Reading and Media Literacy

     • Student will select and read for educational and personal goals.

   • Standard: Students will appreciate literature and understand literary elements and forms.

   • Students will appreciate literature and understand literary elements and forms.

   • Critically evaluate films, recordings, and other multimedia formats.

   • Students will create multimedia productions.

       - Reading K-2      - Reading 3-5      - Reading 6-8      - Reading 9-12

  2. Research

     • Students will follow a systematic research process that involves formulating a question, gathering, evaluating, and         organizing information, drawing conclusions, presenting results to an audience, and evaluating both the product
      and the process.

       - Research K-2      - Research 3-5      - Research 6-8      - Research 9-12

  3. Responsible Use of Information and Technology

     • Students will understand ethical and safety issues related to information use including plagiarism, citing sources, -       copyright, intellectual freedom, acceptable use of school technologies, privacy, and evaluation of information.

   • Students will use resources responsibly.

   • Students will use resources and learn independently and in collaboration with others.

       - Responsible K-2      - Responsible 3-5      - Responsible 6-8      - Responsible 9-12

  4. Technology Skills

     • Students will select and use appropriate technology for educational and personal goals.
   - Technology K-2    - Technology 3-5    - Technology 6-8    - Technology 9-12
Access Request Forms
Non-MPS Network Account Access   VPN Account Access Request   Share drive Access Request
If you need a MPS account to access basic MPS functions. This does not include an MPS email address.

  If you need VPN for your computer when you are working away from
your building or office.
  If you need access to a Sharedrive in
your Department.
IT Service Desk Contact Information:     • Phone:612.668.0088     • Email: itservicedesk@mpls.k12.mn.us